About Me

Angus Paterson is a journalist, editor and digital content producer who’s worked as Editor of leading Australian dance music website inthemix.com.au, produced music content for Vodafone Australia, and freelanced for 3D World, Street Press Australia‘s national portfolio of publications, VIBE and Elektro Magazine in the USA, as well as prestigious UK publication DJ Mag.

Angus’s passion for electronic music saw him contributing to local street press from high school in the late 90s, and after completing his undergraduate degree in 2002, he worked for several years in editorial roles across both print and online, including a two-year stint as a trade magazine journalist, before joining inthemix.com.au in late 2006. During that time he helped develop it into one of the world’s most successful music websites, implementing a strategic approach to news and coverage and establishing a passionate connection with the site’s thriving online community.

In 2010 he moved to Vodafone Australia, managing the organisation’s record label relationships and interviewing some of the world’s most successful artists. In addition he maintained a rigorous freelance profile for inthemix, 3D World and Street Press Australia, as well as joining the freelance team of the UK’s DJ Mag, NYC’s Elektro Magazine and the newly launched dance section of VIBE Magazine.

One of Australia’s most successful next generation of music journalists, Angus is now freelancing as a music media professional with publications across Australia, North America, Berlin, London and the rest of the world.